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CorrectToes™        Shoe Size


x-small                   32 - 37


small                      37 - 40


medium                  40 - 44


large                       45+


Please note: These are approximations.

Your size is based on foot and toe width.

If you are in-between sizes, consider sizing up if you have a wide foot. 


Please use the help of the "Sizing Guide" at the bottom of this page

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What advantages do Correct Toes offer over other toe-spacing products on the market?

Correct Toes go beyond simply “spacing the toes.” It is podiatrist-designed product that places each toe in the correct anatomical position in relation to the ground and to one-another. It mimics the natural barefoot position that is commonly seen in people who go barefoot for most of their lives.

Correct toes are designed by a podiatric physician (a.k.a., foot doctor), Ray McClanahan, DPM. Dr. McClanahan is an expert in foot anatomy and human physiology. 

Most toe-spacing products are to be worn only while barefoot. Correct Toes are designed to be worn in shoes during weight-bearing activity, such as running, walking, hiking, and standing.

Correct Toes are constructed of medical-grade silicone, which make them both flexible and highly durable. They are comfortable and built to last. Correct Toes is a top-quality product!

Choose your exact size

Download Sizing Guide

CorrectToes Sizing Guide
Sizing EU.pdf
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