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Markus Fraunholz

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Why am I offering CorrectToes™?

I am very happy to offer CorrectToes™ in Europe because I am profoundly convinced that with CorrectToes™ foot health can be achieved in an incredible effective and simple way! 


Since I am very interested in barefoot walking and hiking and wearing "barefoot" or "minimalistic" shoes (wide tobbox, thin sole, no heel) exclusively for several years, it was only a matter of time until I discovered CorrectToes™.

Wearing CorrectToes™ for several months made my feet stronger, warmer and my toes became much more flexible. After this personal experience I recommended CorrectToes™ more and more to other people, which had foot problems like Hallux Valgus, Neuromas or bunions.

The feedback was very positive, sometimes enthusiastic!


Of course, results may be different for different people, and the direct and indirect health benefits of CorrectToes™ depends on many factors, including your age, your tissue mobility, how frequently you use your CorrectToes™ toe spacers, your physical activity level, and how often you wear appropriate footwear, to name a few factors among many.


Wearing Correct Toes is, ultimately, an investment in lifelong foot health. Think of it this way: It took a lifetime for your feet to conform to the narrow toe boxes of conventional footwear. It is most certainly possible to undo these negative changes but sustained, long-term changes in foot form do not occur overnight.


Even professional runners use CorrectToes™ to train the muscles in their feet and to perform better and longer without injuries.