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first steps with your CorrectToes™

Start slow.


Please use both hands to put your CorrectToes on your toes! Watch a Youtube video how to put them on correctly CLICK 

Slowly and gradually wear Correct Toes in increments of one-half to one hour per day and add an additional hour each day.

Begin wearing them around the house and eventually in shoes.

Expect your feet and other parts of your body to feel different, perhaps even sore for a while as your toes realign to their natural position.

* Best results are seen when Correct Toes are used both during physical activity and at rest.

Wear them in shoes. 

Wear Correct Toes only in shoes that are wide enough in the toe box to accommodate them without rubbing against your foot.

Ensure your shoes are wide enough.

While wearing your Correct Toes, remove your shoe liner, stand on it, and observe your foot.
If any part of your foot hangs over the liner, then Correct Toes cannot work with those shoes.


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Try them with toe socks.

Toe socks are designed to fit your feet much like a glove fits your hand.

They are the perfect socks to wear with Correct Toes and may also aid with fit and comfort.

caring of CorrectToes™

If your Correct Toes get dirty, simply wash them by hand with soap and warm water and let them air dry.

Be sure to keep your Correct Toes in a safe and secure location. Keep out of reach of small children and pets.

modification of CorrectToes™

Correct Toes are customizable to fit your unique feet!  Watch the video.